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City Center

The heart of the city - Bonn Zentrum- is a very lively area with winding alleys in the pedestrian area, many shopping streets,  restaurants, bars and clubs and the main building of the University of Bonn. The Rhine promenade invites you to stroll, jogg, bike or enjoy a fresh beer in the beer garden "Alter Zoll" with a beautiful panoramic view of the Seven Mountains (Siebengebirge)

The center also offers a diverse cultural program with the opera, several theaters, cinemas and numerous festivals. 

You should not miss to visit the Beethoven house (with museum and concert hall), the birthplace of Bonn's best known son.

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The beautiful villas in Südstadt, together with the Weststadt, form the largest Art Nouveau district in Germany built between 1860 and 1910 and nearly untouched by the war. There is hardly a modern house to find in many streets and the whole area looks like out of a picture book.
Villas like out of a picture book, green spaces and numerous restaurants: 
The Südstadt with numerous restaurants and public areas like the courtyard garden of the Bonn University offers a great quality of life, lots of charm and a perfect location, but is also an expensive area. 

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Poppelsdorf  with the beautiful Poppelsdorf Palace and the adjacent park is one of the most popular but also most expensive areas of Bonn. It borders the Südstadt and is very close to the center. Poppelsdorf is mainly inhabitet by students and well-situated families as it offers a well-balanced mix of relaxation, sightseeing, nightlife and standard of living.
You should use a sunny day to visit the botanical garden, the new University campus or a hike through the beautiful forest of the Melbtal.

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On the northern side  of Bonn the city center lies Bonn's "old town", the Altstadt. In fact, it's not the historic old town, as it was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War, but also the “new old town” is already more than 100 years old. 
Formerly known as the working-class area of Bonn, the district has transformed into a very attractive, multicultural and charming area with lots of small restaurants, pubs and very individual shops. Altstadt also offers a varied cultural life with several art museums (Bonner Kunstverein, August Macke Museum, Artothek) and the cultural center "Kult 41" that regularly offers concerts, exhibitions, film evenings and poetry slams.

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The district of Beuel is situated on the right bank of the Rhine and is often called the sunny side of the city. It is directly connected to the city center on the left bank of the Rhine by the Kennedy Bridge, which makes it is to reach the city center within a few minutes by walk, bus or tram. The center of Beuel offers numerous grocery stores, restaurants and shops. The cultural center, the Bonner Brotfabrik, offers a varied program of theater, dance, music and film and has recently been completed by the exciting programm of the Pantheon. 

Beuel offers a beautiful promenade along the banks of the Rhine and several parks for exercising, relaxing or barbecuing with full sunshine all day long. Around Beuel you will find a nice green countryside and large forests that invite you to relax and talk a walk.

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